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With the growth of online shopping platforms and social media being used as a sales tool, the world of marketing and sales is at the forefront of new technologies and is constantly evolving. We investigate 5 popular Digital marketing and public relations jobs that could creating an fun and inspiring career journey for you.
Public Relations Jobs, Digital Marketing Jobs
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5 Popular Digital Marketing And Public Relations Jobs

With the growth of online shopping platforms and social media being used as a sales tool, the world of marketing and sales is at the forefront of new technologies and is constantly evolving. It’s an exciting space to work in whether you’re interested in creating marketing campaigns, working in public relations or selling the latest products. Below we investigate 5 popular Digital marketing and public relations jobs that could creating an fun and inspiring career journey for you.

Public Relations Jobs

Public Relations Manager or Consultant

Working in public relations can be a high pressure job, some days are spent writing press releases with strict deadlines and other days it could be managing a publicity crisis. The role covers many different aspects from writing press releases and answering media enquiries to monitoring public opinion of your client or brand, and source sponsorship opportunities. PR managers may also advise executives or public figures on implications and society’s reactions to policies or events. They may also need to advise or assist during times of publicity crisis for their clients. PR executives are first and foremost great communicators, using both written and oral skills to get their message across. They also need to be problem solvers as a lot of the role is about creating positive reactions to clients or products, and minimising negative feedback. The role can involve working under strict deadlines and pressure to get the right results so PR managers need to be calm and efficient. The role is changing and increasingly PR managers are expected to be on call at all hours to monitor online media platforms and manage any problems that arise. To become a PR manager usually requires at least a VET in public relations or marketing and more often a degree is needed. Due to the increase in social media making it easier for people to comment to a global audience on experiences, goods and products, companies and organisations now require more guidance in public relations. This is leading to job growth in the sector.

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Bid Writer

Winning contracts means beating out the competition, bid writers are often the best way to do that. They prepare and write proposals or tenders to bid for contracts or for funding from Government bodies or organisations. In order to write the bid document, the writer must research the industry or service the bid is for and work closely with the organisations team to understand what the business or service can fully offer for their bid. They also work closely with marketing, sales or business development personnel from the organisation. As part of the bid there may be pre-qualification questions for the writer to respond to and strict guidelines and deadlines which the proposal must meet. Bid writers use text and graphics to show technical information in a way that is simple to understand. The writers must be excellent at researching, fact checking and writing. Enthusiasm and confidence in winning the bid must come across in the proposals. Bid writers work across various industries and services, and generally writers have a market where they have some specialist knowledge. To become a bid writer, either a degree in journalism along with specialist knowledge of a field is needed. Or you can complete a degree in your chosen specialist field and then add a postgraduate qualification in professional writing. A growing number of professional, scientific and technical services firms are using bid writers as competition for contracts or funding grow, creating good opportunities for those in this field.

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Digital Marketing Officer

We are surrounded by online marketing and advertising every time we look at the screen. Digital marketing officers work hard to make sure the adverts you see are personal and of interest to you. They also make sure they appear repeatedly on all different forms of online and social media. As part of their role digital marketers work with graphic and web designers to get the right look for adverts, and they then write the content or copy to go with the designs. They get feedback on how effective ad campaigns are through customer surveys and focus groups and also track the success of their adverts using web tracking tools. Digital marketing officers must be creative and have excellent communications, but they must also have technical knowledge and understand online analytics softwares. They usually work for specialist digital advertising agencies or as part of a marketing or advertising department within large organisations. To become a digital marketing officer a degree in business, commerce or communications with a major in marketing is generally needed. As the way companies and organisations market and advertise to people moves more and more on to online platforms, the opportunities for digital marketing officers increase.

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Sales Representative

A sales rep is often called a brand manager or account manager. They act on behalf of their company to sell consumer goods and merchandise to supermarkets, department stores or other commercial outlets and businesses. They meet with potential clients and showcase their products and services to them. Sales reps negotiate prices and deals, and then manage that client and any further after-sales needs they have. They keep records of all of their transactions and orders, and usually have sales targets they must meet. Monitoring competitors products and offers is expected, as it attending conferences and trade shows that are appropriate to the industry they sell in. Sales reps needs to be excellent communicators, not only to land new clients but to manage client relationships well. Good people skills is key to the role, as is time management as they may work across several brands and with many different clients. Often sales reps can work to their own timetables as long as they meet the required sales targets. In order to do this some evening or weekend work might be needed. Travelling is part of this role, which may be driving within the local area or international travel depending on the job. To become a sales rep does not require formal qualifications, and it is possible to start in the industry through a retail sales role and gain experience. Some employers will expect a degree in business or marketing though. Opportunities for sales representatives are good, depending on the industry you’re selling in, as roles will be more available in areas where the economy is doing well.

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Market Research Analyst

Every time you buy something the data of what you bought, where you bought it and at what price is stored. Market research analysts examine all the data to identify trends, any gaps in the market, potential new markets and what the best pricepoint for goods and services are. Market researchers also gather customer opinions and feedback through surveys or polls to give them a clear picture of the market. They create reports using graphs and tables to present to company management or clients highlighting these trends. Market researchers forecast marketing and sales trends based on their analysed data. The role has a strong maths and computing element to it, using statistics software to analyse the data. They also need good clear communication skills to create reports that are easily understood. Market research analysts are generally employed by specialist market research organisations, and work standard hours although some evening work may be required when talking with focus groups to get feedback. Usually a degree in business, commerce or management with a major in marketing is required to become a market research analyst. There is strong growth in this industry providing more opportunities for those in this role, as more business rely on market research data to understand the needs and wants of their customers.

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