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5 Popular Media & Digital Media Jobs

The digital media industry is growing and evolving so quickly it’s hard to keep up. Existing media jobs are changing due to new technologies and softwares, and emerging roles are focussed on areas that weren’t fully formed only a few years ago. Here are five roles to think about, some familiar and some maybe you’ve never heard of before.
Media Jobs

5 Popular Digital Media Jobs

Social Media Manager

Whether you occasionally scroll through your Facebook or you spend all day checking tweets and posting on Instagram, most of us use social media. Businesses use it just as much. A social media manager would use a mix of different social media platforms to highlight their businesses activities and products. They would create a strategy to use across your different media accounts and then use data analytics tools to monitor the success of various campaigns and adjust them as necessary. A key part of the role is being up to date on all the latest social media trends and having a good understanding of graphic design and digital editing software. Social media managers need excellent communication, multitasking and time management. Creative flair in order to design and write content is vital. Social media managers work from home or an office and depending on your role you may need to work weekends and evenings.
To become a social media manager, usually a VET or degree in marketing, advertising, journalism or communications would be required.
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For those that love drawing and sketching or creating comic characters, animation may be a natural fit. Animators design and draw visual effects and animations for film and tv, video games and websites. They may use hand drawn graphics, computer generated imagery or model animation. Animators may be involved from initial concepts and storyboards through to building models or post production editing. Large projects, such as movies, may take years to complete. Animators are creative and imaginative and must have good drawing skills. Animators work as part of a larger team so good communication and teamwork are vital. Generally they work in a studio or office, but may also work from home depending on the role. To become an animator, generally a degree in animation, graphic design, creative or fine arts is required. Often a portfolio of your work is required for course entry.
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Multimedia Developer

Multimedia developers combine video, graphics, sound and software to create a complete finished interactive product, which could be a game, website or web portal. Multimedia developers would sit with clients and discuss what they need the product to do and then make suggestions around equipment and software needs and design ideas. They are involved in projects from initial design stage, prototype creation and testing through to post delivery patch solutions. Given how quickly the industry is evolving, multimedia developers need to keep up to date with new technologies and softwares. Being creative is also key to the role. Multimedia developers tend to work as part of a team and need to keep to strict deadlines to meet client needs. Sometimes that means working longer hours is necessary. To become a multimedia developer usually required a degree in digital media, computing or communication design. Employers often want to see a portfolio of work.
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Digital Media Jobs

Technical or Scientific Writer

Technical writers produce textbooks, instruction manuals, journal articles and government proposals. They take complex subjects and break them down into user-friendly terminology that can be easily understood by the general population. They use charts, drawings or photographs to make the data more easily understood. Technical writers must first look at who the information is intended for, such as primary school students or university professors, and write the information in an appropriate manner. As part of the process writers would do research on the topic and talk to technical staff in the field to fully understand the subject. Technical writers may also choose what type of media the final product should be in such as online media, printed or e-learning. They must have excellent research and editing skills, be very accurate and have strong language abilities to describe technical issues in a straightforward simple manner. To become a technical writer you don’t necessarily need qualifications, however some fields will require a VET or degree in journalism or professional writing, and other may require a degree in that discipline such as engineering or computer science.
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Digital Producer or Digital Campaign Manager

Digital campaign managers plan digital marketing or fundraising programs for business and charities. They create a strategy with clients for digital and online channels such as websites, apps and social media, including taking into account costs and timelines. Usually a graphic or web designer would create any visual aspects needed for the campaign. A digital campaign manager would apply search engine optimisation and search engine marketing as part of the process, and then track the results of the campaign using analytics software. They need to be creative with strong communications skills but also have technical knowledge of digital trends and relevant digital content management systems. To become a digital producer or digital campaign manager, a degree in communications, marketing or business with a major in marketing is usually needed.
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With digital media becoming the new way for business to reach their customers, this industry has a bright future and can be a great place to build a career.