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We all know that Uni isn’t for everyone. This article explore 5 trades and services jobs you might not have considered.
5 alternative trades and services jobs, what are trades and services jobs
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5 trades and services jobs you might not have considered before….

We all know that Uni isn’t for everyone. This article explore 5 trades and services jobs you might not have considered. There’s lots of great jobs out there within the trades and services sector that don’t need a degree. People think of plumbers or electricians first, which is great for some people, but here are a few possibilities which you might not have considered.

5 trades and services jobs


Firefighters are involved in controlling and extinguishing fires, search and rescue operations, emergency situations, natural disasters and traffic incidents.  They provide emergency first aid and CPR as necessary. Firefighters drive and operate firefighting vehicles, pumps, hoses, breathing equipment, and extinguishers. They deal with hazardous substances such as chemicals and flammable liquids, and maintain equipment to strict safety levels.  Firefighters work under extreme pressure in a very physical environment and deal with members of the public in distressing circumstances. They also work at heights and in confined spaces. A firefighters shifts tends to last several days followed by several days off. To become a firefighter there is an intensive selection process which includes interviews, medicals, physical aptitude test, National Police Check and psychological tests.

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Makeup Artist

Makeup artists work with brides and bridal parties, clients attending events, at professional fashion shoots or within the film and tv industry.  They may follow a theme for a show or production, and assist with ideas of what’s appropriate. Makeup artists need to keep up to date with new industry trends and products, photograph their work to create a portfolio, and understand different skin types and how to prepare them.  Some roles may need knowledge of hair pieces or prosthetics. Most makeup artists are self-employed and work unusual hours, including weekends and early mornings or late nights. You don’t need to have qualifications but a VET in makeup, beauty services or live performance may be helpful.

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Private Investigator

Private Investigators are hired by clients to gather information and evidence required for situations such as court proceedings, insurance fraud or missing persons.  They may research financial records, find missing people, verify employment records or complete background checks. Private Investigators also complete surveillance work as part of their information gathering.  Confidentiality and discretion are key aspects of being a private investigator, as well as excellent observational skills and computer researching methods. Private investigators work unusual hours, often late at night or weekends, and may travel as part of the evidence gathering process.  Usually a VET in investigative services is required to work as a P.I.. Most States require you to have a licence before you can operate.

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Barber’s are hugely popular right now.  People are back at the barbers looking for haircuts, beard trimming, shaving and styling.  Barbers provide hair care services and advice to clients using a variety of tools. They also sterilise and maintain all the tools they use, keep their workspace and extended shop clean and tidy, and take payment from clients.  Barbers work standard hours but this may include some evenings and weekends. They spend all day on their feet and so need good stamina. They deal with clients and so need to be well presented with a patient and easy going manner.  At times work can be hectic with several people waiting so calm management under pressure is necessary. To become a barber you usually need to complete a VET in hairdressing or barbering.

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5 trades and services jobs


Lifeguards are responsible for safety in the water, whether it be on the beach or in a swimming pool.  They monitor the water to prevent incidents, provide rescue services when necessary and educate people in water safety.  In a pool setting lifeguards stop dangerous behaviour, help swimmers in difficulty and check on water temperature, pH and chlorine levels.  In a beach setting lifeguards have to monitor for dangerous wildlife such as jellyfish or sharks, ensure people follow the flags systems marking safe swimming areas and use equipment such as jet skis or surf boards.  Lifeguards all need to know life saving techniques and emergency medical procedures. Being a lifeguard is a very physical job, not only do you need to be a strong swimmer but be able to help get people out of the water.  They must have excellent observation skills, good eyesight and be very calm in emergency situations. Lifeguards usually work shifts which may include evenings and weekends. Often the work is seasonal. Volunteer work is a great way to get started in lifesaving.  There are strict swimming and rescue qualifications, as well as medical and fitness ones required to meet selection criteria.

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