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At CareerHQ we get asked all sorts of questions about jobs, qualifications and the future of work, but the question people ask the most is ‘How do I become a tram driver?’
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How do I become a tram driver?

At CareerHQ we get asked all sorts of questions about jobs, qualifications and the future of work, but the question people ask the most is ‘How do I become a tram driver?’

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What qualifications do I need?

The first thing to know about becoming a tram driver, or light rail driver, is that there’s no course you can do or qualification you can earn to help you become one. Instead you need to go through an application process with the organisation you want to drive for, and if your application is accepted then your new employers will teach you to drive.

Are there any special requirements?

For those wanting to be a driver the first thing required is a full Australian drivers licence, P plate licence holders are not eligible. In NSW you must have at least 5 years of driving experience on a full licence. You must also have a clean driving history. A medical examination, a police check and drug screening are also standard parts of the application process.

Different transport organisations look at different things but most will focus on your customer service experience and communication skills. Having some previous experience on your resume of dealing with customers is vital. Availability is also key to being a successful applicant. Most light rail or tram systems operate 7 days a week from early morning until late at night and drivers are expected to be available for these shifts. 

Some testing of your reaction times, use of technology, and language skills is usual. These tests vary depending on the organisation you are applying to. 

How do I apply?

There are trams and light rail systems around Australia, with new lines being built so there are growing opportunities for more drivers. However, the role is very popular and there are always many more applicants than there are positions available. If possible, register for new job alerts with the organisation, that way when they are hiring new drivers you will be instantly alerted. For most transport businesses hiring new drivers only takes place once a year and they will only accept applications at that time.

Where can I work?

Here are some of the larger tram or light rail operators around Australia who you can apply to:

Melbourne Yarra Trams

Sydney – Transdev

Canberra – Transport Canberra

Adelaide – Adelaide Metro 

Newcastle – Newcastle Transport 

Gold Coast – G:Link

Are there similar roles?

Depending on what it is that interests you about being a tram or light rail driver there are other roles you could consider. Bus drivers have similar work conditions and responsibilities, and openings for bus drivers come up very regularly making it a great alternative to being a tram driver. To find out more about being a bus driver click here

There are other roles within the transport industry that may be worth considering such as train driver, transport clerk or drone pilot.


Being a tram driver can offer you an interesting and fulfilling career that builds on your customer service experience as well as your driving skills. Don’t forget to register for job alerts or regularly check the relevant website to see when new drivers are being hired in your region.