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Like coffee and thinking of working in cafe's? Want to know how to become a barista or even want to know what is a barista? This articles for you.
How to become a barista, what is a Barista
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How to become a Barista

For most of us, coffee is an essential part of the day, but for some it is such a passion that they want to learn how to become a Barista! A trip to your favourite cafe to grab your espresso, latte or cappuccino is a ritual we love. A huge part of that is the person who makes it for you, and as a barista, you could be that person.

How to become a Barista

What is a Barista?

Baristas are always on the move, churning out orders that come in thick and fast. They serve hot and cold drinks as well as snacks to their customers and often have a chat with them whilst they’re at it.

Barista’s are usually enthusiastic and proactive. They are upbeat and efficient in taking orders and socialising to make customers feel like friends. They maintain cleanliness and orderliness in their workspace especially with the coffee machines, which are the most important pieces of equipment in the café.

Baristas prepare the store before opening and clean all equipment before closing. Aside from being at the counter, they may keep track of inventory for supplies and ordering. They might not only serve high quality coffee but sandwiches and cakes also depending on their role and the size of the cafe.

To become a barista you need to have great listening skills. Orders are often given very quickly and you need to follow not just what the order was but who ordered it. You would be someone who values teamwork and who can multi-task. Given how busy the role can be you need to be hardworking and dependable.

Hours and Conditions of work

If you become a barista, full time work would likely see on your feet 35 and 40 hours per week but part-time work is almost always available.

Schedules vary as it’s often done as shift work and it almost always includes weekends. Shifts can be very early morning starts or late nights depending on where you work. You may on occasion need to work public holidays.

How to become a Barista: Qualifications

Becoming a barista often involves on the job training however acquiring a VET qualification in hospitality can help you find a role. Often barista’s start in more junior roles in a cafe and are trained up over time.
Coffee making is a short course offered by several training facilities that would be a great place to start. An apprenticeship in hospitality is also one way for you to become a barista.

To look at courses that will help you find a role as a Barista check out

It’s not just about savoring the aroma of the coffee or taking selfies with your coffee art but it is gaining that 5 star rating for an overall customer experience which makes customers want to patronize cafes and that is where baristas comes in. Cafes are everywhere and as it’s a profession that has a high turnover there are often lots of opportunities available. Now that you know how to become a Barista, we look forward to seeing you on the coffee scene soon!