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Want to make a plate look sumptuous, Instagram worthy and taste great too? Start learning how to become a chef today.
How to become a Chef, what is a chef
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How to become a Chef

Want to learn how to make a plate look sumptuous, Instagram worthy and taste great too? Have you ever thought about a career as a chef? 

How to become a chef

What is a chef?

Chefs are skilled individuals whose passion is creating delicious food with beautiful plating to serve to their customers. Although, that isn’t the only thing a chef does.

Head chef’s plan the menu and calculate the cost of it whilst maintaining the budget. The next in line is the sous chef, assistant to the head chef and the person who manages the kitchen for them. There are also station chefs who have a designated area in the kitchen, where they are in charge of the food being prepared and served.

Chef’s work under a lot of time pressure as the plates need to be out quickly and in a certain order. They are very detailed when it comes to portion sizes and the quality of what they serve. Each plate must look the same.  As such, they record and monitor stocks in the kitchen to see how much is used and when they need to place new orders. They follow strict health and safety guidelines keeping customers health in mind and making sure all relevant hygiene laws are kept to.

Chefs need to be trained on all equipment and materials in the kitchen and are often expected to pass on their knowledge to trainee chefs.  Before new menu items are added they are trialled and presented to the other chefs for input and approval.

If you love food and cooking then maybe being a chef is the path for you. Chefs are also born leaders and very patient people. They need to handle difficult situations and work under pressure almost all the time. They are multitaskers, doing several jobs at once and they also have an artistic side for presenting their plates of food.

Hours & Conditions:

Chef’s work depends to where they are working, but usually require early mornings, late nights and long shifts. Restaurants are often open on public holidays so chefs are required to work.  Part time and seasonal work is generally available. Chefs spend their entire shift on their feet in busy kitchens and are expected to wear appropriate shoes, clothing and headwear.


How to become a chef: Qualifications

To become a chef you need to complete an apprenticeship in commercial cookery and gain Certificate IV level and above.  Often you can start at a Certificate III and be trained up.

To look at courses that will help you find a role as a Chef check out

Future outlook:

Restaurants are a growth sector with more people eating out than ever before, and so the demand for chefs is the same.