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How to become a Makeup Artist

Do you have a creative flair, enjoy following fashion and helping people look and feel great?

How to become a makeup artist

What is a Makeup Artist?

Makeup artists are the professionals who glam up clients for special events like weddings, birthdays, debutante balls and proms. They also apply cosmetics on clients who work in the movie and television industry or in fashion.

Makeup artists need to be skilled not just at applying makeup but in preparing the skin before makeup application and removing makeup after the event or shoot. Some makeup artists may need to know about wigs, hair pieces and prosthetics and how to properly fit and maintain these products.

As a makeup artist you might need to meet up with clients or designers to talk about the theme of the event or what look they want to achieve. You need to research and keep up to date with the latest fashion, trends and products. Some clients may ask you to copy or recreate previous looks so you would need to be able to work from notes and photographs.

Being a makeup artist would require you to have creativity, a steady hand and a keen eye for detail. You will also need to have focus, patience and tact. Good people skills will come in handy since you might need to collaborate with clients and even entire teams made up of designers, editors, photographers and directors.

Hours & Conditions:

How to become a makeup artist

Makeup artists are mostly self employed and usually work long and irregular hours. If you decide to work in theatre, modeling or films, you may need to work early in the morning or late evenings, weekends and even holidays.

You may be required to stand by on set to do touch ups or redo hair and makeup if you work in the film and television industry. If you provide services for events like weddings, you may work a standard number of hours per week but it would be in evenings, early mornings or during weekends.

How to become a Makeup Artist: Qualifications

How to become a makeup artist

You do not need any formal qualifications in order to work as a makeup artist. To gain experience and build up a portfolio many makeup artists initially offer to work for free or for small fees on amateur productions or editorial shoots. You may also be able to get some training on the job if you work in retail for cosmetic companies.

A VET qualification in make up, specialist makeup service or beauty services could increase your chances of getting a role as a makeup artist. Skills in hairdressing may also give you a competitive edge.

To look at courses that will help you find a role as a makeup artist, check out

Employment for makeup artists is expected to remain relatively steady. Their work will continue to be needed in film and television productions, modeling and editorial shoots. Growth is likely to be seen in special events like weddings as more people prefer to hire professionals instead of doing their own makeup.

However, these growth opportunities may be offset by a decline in demand in live productions as funding for small theater companies and amateur production firms continue to come under pressure. As a result, these groups may rely on volunteers instead of paid workers.