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Do you love maths, science and information technology? Do you enjoy thinking up creative solutions to problems? A mechatronic or robotics engineer is a professional who designs and develops machinery and robotic systems.
How to become a mechatronics/robotics engineer, what is a mechatronics/robotics engineer
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How to become a Mechatronic/Robotics Engineer

Do you love maths, science and information technology? Do you enjoy thinking up creative solutions to problems? A mechatronic or robotics engineer is a professional who designs and develops machinery and robotic systems. They do this by combining different mechanical, electrical and electronic systems.

how to become a mechatronics engineer

What is a Mechatronic/Robotics Engineer?

As a mechatronics or robotics engineer you would be tasked with researching, designing and developing hybrid systems, machinery and robotic components and equipment to automate tasks in various industries. You would prepare technical plans using computer-aided engineering and design software, estimate the costs involved in manufacturing and labour, and make projections on the time it takes to complete the project.

You may also be required to test prototypes, analyse data and oversee inspection and maintenance schedules. Aside from your technical responsibilities, you may have to coordinate with other technicians and make sure that projects comply with safety regulations.  

Mechatronics engineering is useful in hazardous industries where some tasks can use robotic applications to replace humans and therefore lower the risks.

A role as a mechatronics or robotics engineer would require you to have a keen interest in maths, science, technology and information technology. You would need to have the ability to think creatively and have strong problem solving talents. You also need to be able to make decisions and handle budgets. Because you will be working with other professionals, clients and organizations, you need to have excellent communication skills.

Hours and conditions

Mechatronics engineers usually work standard weekly hours but they may need to work overtime in order to meet deadlines. They are usually employed in an office or laboratory. In some cases, they may work in factories, workshops or in the outdoors.

To be a mechatronics engineer, you would need to study mechanical, electrical or electronics engineering and major in mechatronics or robotics. Specialised mechatronics engineering courses are now available in some universities.
robotics engineer

How to become a Mechatronics/Robotics engineer: Qualifications

To get into these courses, you would need to gain your senior secondary school certificate or equivalent. English, mathematics, chemistry and physics are some of the appropriate subjects to study prior to university. After graduating, you may be eligible to apply as a member of Engineers Australia

If you want to gain a senior role in mechatronics engineering, you may need to have a master’s degree in mechatronics and have relevant practical experience particularly in fields that involve robots and artificial intelligence systems.

To look at courses that will help you find a role as a mechatronic or robotics engineer, check out:

The job outlook for mechatronics or robotics engineers is projected to have strong growth. More industries are relying on mechatronics engineers to apply their skills and knowledge in developing and applying emerging technologies.

There is expected job growth in engineering services firms as more companies contract engineering services rather than employing engineers. Mechatronics engineers may also find work in engineering manufacturing companies that create robotic systems.

Another major factor is the rapid advancement of technology which drives the demand for mechatronics engineers in research and development and in various industries that need constant developments in automation.

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