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How to become a Multimedia Developer

Are you creative? Do you love new software or writing your own code?

What is Multimedia

What is a Multimedia Developer?

Multimedia developers design, develop and deliver output that incorporate various media like sound, full-motion video, text and graphics into one seamless, interactive and user-friendly application. They also create products and applications like web portals for online learning programs, video games and high end interactive websites.

Multimedia developers use computer information systems and graphics and follow delivery protocols in order to produce their required product. Usually products come with a set deadline and development timetable.

As a multimedia developer you would need to discuss client requirements, and investigate and make recommendations on the equipment and software they would need in order to achieve their objectives. You would usually be involved in various stages of design and development from conceptualizing, creation, coding, testing fully working prototypes and tracking changes in the project. You would also be responsible for making changes, upgrades and post-delivery patch solutions.

Being a multimedia developer would require you to have an up to date understanding of new technologies and softwares, creativity and an artistic flair. You would also need to be a strong coder and have the ability to both lead a team and be a good team member. Since you would be working closely with clients you need to be customer-focused. You may work in a team of different professionals and designers so you need effective communication skills.

Hours & Conditions:

Multimedia developers usually work standard business hours from Monday to Friday. If there are tight deadlines to meet, you may be asked to work on the weekends or during evenings. Your work environment could vary depending on what type of organisation you are part of, you could work in an office or studio. Multimedia developers work in different industries like information technology, media and publishing, creative studios, educational institutions and advertising.

Multimedia developer

How to become a Multimedia Developer: Qualifications

If you want to become a multimedia developer you usually are required to complete a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in computer programming, digital media, communication design or other relevant technology-related areas. You need to complete your senior secondary school certificate or an equivalent if you want to get into these courses. At school appropriate subjects like English, maths, art, computing applications and software design and development would be useful.


Some employers might ask you to provide samples of your work. You could build up your portfolio by doing volunteer work or internships while studying at university.

To look at courses that will help you find a role as a multimedia developer, check out

The job outlook for multimedia developers is expected to have strong growth with employment projected to grow faster than average for all occupations.