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Are you that someone who loves adventure, maybe climbing, kayaking or skiing? Perhaps it's time you researched how to become a Recreation Officer.
How to become a Recreation Officer, Recreation Activities Officer
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How to become a Recreation Officer

Who’s an adrenaline junkie out there? Are you that someone who loves adventure, maybe climbing, kayaking or skiing? Perhaps it’s time you researched how to become a Recreation Officer.

What is a Recreation Officer?

A Recreation Officer or Recreation Activities Officer works in the great outdoors. They organise activities for individual or groups and may need to adapt them to suit the participant’s particular needs. They need to plan ahead of time to check on weather conditions and all the relevant safety precautions before starting an activity.

They set up rules and explain the do’s and don’ts for safety which is very important. If necessary they’ll provide basic first aid treatment. Communication is important as it is vital that both the officers and the participants have a clear understanding of what to do during the activities. Often officers may need to demonstrate an activity, especially when using specialist equipment. They also need to make sure they all the relevant permissions of parents, guardians or schools before starting any activity.

To be a recreation officer, also as an outdoor activities instructor, you need to be an expert on the activities you offer. You also need a personality that is confident in front of groups and an understanding that you are responsible for the group and its safety the entire time.

Hours & Conditions:

Recreation officers are outdoors most of the time. Given the kind of work that they do, they may work long hours at weekends and holidays, and at unusual times depending on the activity. Because safety is a must they keep up-to-date with first aid knowledge and have a drivers’ licence. Understanding and maintaining all the safety equipment or clothing is vital.

Recreation Activities officer

How to become a Recreation Officer: Qualifications

Getting a VET qualification in sport and recreation or leisure and health is a possible pathway to achieving the role. You can go to a Uni and get a degree in exercise and sports science, sports development or sport & recreation for better chance of employment.

To look at courses that will help you find a role as a recreation officer check out

There are lots of opportunities for recreational officers, not just with the government but within the private sector too. The importance of fitness and health are everywhere. Recreation workers are needed to work with groups, both young and old, to show them that embracing the outdoors and being involved in more physical activities should be part of their lives. How many fitness centres are there? Sport centres? How about those communities for aged care? Too many to count. They all need a recreational officer and that can be you.