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How to become an Architect

From tiny cabins to mansion houses, to the tallest hotels and highest office blocks in the world today, all of them were designed by architects.

How to become an architect

What is an Architect?

Architects meet with their clients and sketch a proposal that meets their design brief. They help to build a dream to a reality and talk with the engineers and contractors about the materials needed for their masterpiece. Architects use a combination of computer-aided design (CAD) software and sketching by hand to create their drawings and plans.

Architects combine structural, mechanical and artistic qualities in their designs however they also have to consider their client’s budget for the project, safety and building permits and planning permissions required. As soon as the project commences, architects monitor the progress of the whole site team to ensure the build is going to plan.

Being an architect means you have the passion to create and buildings fascinate you. The ability to think logically through each stage of the building and design is essential to the role. Knowledge of using CAD software and having a mathematical brain are expected of an architect.

Hours & Conditions:

Architects work from Monday to Friday at standard hours. Depending on current projects they may need to do overtime to meet deadlines. Some clients will expect you to meet them at hours that suit them and their schedule.

Architects either work at architectural firms, for building and construction firms or have their own private practice. They often have to travel to the sites, planning departments or contractors for projects.

what do architects do

How to become an Architect: Qualifications

To become an architect you need to complete an accredited degree which is often a degree in arts or design with a major in architecture after which you need a Master of Architecture.

To apply you might be required to create a design by hand and using software to show your ability.

Once you have completed a Masters degree, you must register with the Architects Registration Board in your State or Territory. For you to be qualified for registration there are certain requirements for you to meet such as completing an accredited architecture degree, have worked at least 2 years with a firm and sit an exam in architectural practice administered by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) and run by Architects registration board from the region.

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There’s no doubt that the role of an architect is one of the sought after jobs at present and looks to be in the future. A strong demand for those who are conscious and knowledgeable in sustainable design is expected to grow as they provide an effective way to reduce the usage of vital resources and use environmentally sound practices.