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Are you considering a career as an Auditor but asking yourself 'What is Auditing'? Learn how to become an Auditor, requirements of the job, and qualifications needed.
How to become an Auditor, What is Auditing
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How to become an Auditor

Auditors are like investigators who search for clues by going through statements of accounts and checking the accuracy and detail in them. If being a numbers detective sounds interesting, learn how to become an Auditor.

How to become an auditor

What is an Auditor?

There are two types of auditors, we have external and internal auditors whose positions may be different from one another but both play an important role in examining financial accounting statements and ensuring that guidelines are being followed.

External auditors review company records independently and report back to the company and governing bodies how accurate they are. They might look at government bodies, local councils or charities also to see how money is spent and if savings can be made. While internal auditors focus on their company’s policies and procedures, keeping a balance between finances and improving efficiency.

If large calculations and working with numbers all day doesn’t daunt you then maybe you’re a future auditor. You need to be particular and very accurate in your work, as well as being organised and methodical. Aside from that, to become an auditor you should be good at communicating and used to using a computer.

Hours & Conditions:

Auditors work weekdays doing standard hours. However, working overtime may be needed to meet deadlines at busy times of year. Auditors often work at their client’s premises which may mean some travel and nights away are required. Part-time roles are sometimes available. Auditors would normally work in an office environment at their own company and then on site at their client’s business.

what is auditing

How to become an Auditor: Qualifications

If you are interested in becoming an auditor, you would need to complete a degree in accounting or a related field like business or commerce that majors in accounting. Membership of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia or the Institute of Public Accountants may be available when you graduate depending on your degree and any other criteria these organisations have. Membership of one of the official accounting bodies is strongly recommended to help you do well in the field.

To look at courses that will help you find a role as an Auditor check out

The role is increasingly regulated with more laws and guidelines which must be followed, this drives more employment for auditors. However, auditors must keep up with these changes and the new technologies available to in their field to keep good employment opportunities open to them.