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Considering a career in Interior Design but want to know exactly what interior designers do? Learn how to become an interior designer, the skills required and qualifications needed.
How to become an Industrial Designer, What is Industrial Design
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How to become an Industrial Designer

Are you intrigued by where everyday objects come from and want to learn how to become an Industrial Designer? It doesn’t matter what product you think of, the box of cereal you opened this morning, the bowl you used and the spoon, your laptop, phone, shoes, bag, water bottle. Someone spent time carefully designing all of these things.

How to become an industrial designer

What is an Industrial Designer?

Industrial designers develop the products that are to be manufactured. They draw up a plan and create a design suitable for the consumers and the product, as well as retain all the specifications needed for safety and functionality. Designs are devised in conjunction with engineering, marketing, production or sales departments.

Before product designs are approved they are created as models to check function or materials and then finalised designs are presented to clients or committees for discussion and approval.
Having a creative but practical mind is a core skill of an industrial designer. They are master problem solvers and can clearly understand what’s possible in the manufacturing process and what’s not. Good communication skills are important when giving people an understanding of design concepts.

Hours & Conditions:

Industrial designers usually work full-time for standard number of hours each week. On occasion those who work for an industrial design consultancy or are self-employed may meet with clients outside of general office hours.

Industrial designers work across different industries, generally in an office setting. Their work may require them to travel to manufacturing sites, testing facilities or design centres.

What is an industrial designer

How to become an Industrial Designer: Qualifications

To become an industrial designer you need to complete a degree in design, engineering or industrial design.
Graduates from this degree can become members of the Design Institute of Australia after several years of experience. Graduates may be eligible of Engineers Australia membership also depending on their degree.

To look at courses that will help you find a role as an industrial designer check out

Job outlook for this role may vary depending on the industry. Areas such as designing precision instruments and medical equipment are expected to rise, whereas some local manufacturing roles may disappear.

Now that you know what an Industrial Designer does to become an Industrial Designer, start creating. In the future the products you pick up might just be one of your own designs.