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Wanting to work in the media or digital media world?

For those wanting to work in the media or digital media world, whether you need formal qualifications or not really depends on what you want to do. For many roles you will need a portfolio of your work, regardless of a degree or VET qualification, and it’s worth starting to think about that at the same time you think about courses you might want to do. Some qualifications could give you a wider range of options in the industry so make sure you look at all the options and where they might lead. Here’s a few ideas.
Media Jobs

VET in Marketing and Communication

Marketing and communication is at the heart of most digital media. Digital media is essentially a marketing tool after all, and so a VET in this area is a perfect gateway into the industry. The best part of this course, is that generally it can be completed online, if that’s what suits you. For example the Diploma of Marketing and Communication at TAFE NSW can be done online, on campus full time or through flexible learning which is a combination of both. The course takes at least a year to complete and could lead you onto a career as a social media manager or into advertising and promotions possibly.

Bachelor of Graphic Design

There are several ways to study graphic design. You could choose a Bachelor of Design or Creative Arts with a major in graphic design or a straight graphic design degree. Graphic design is also widely available as VET which may give you a pathway into a degree if you don’t quite get the marks required. The Bachelor of Design at Edith Cowan University offers a 3 year full time degree with a major in graphic design. The degree can also be completed over 6 years part time. As part of the degree students get the chance to complete industry projects and site visits to prepare them for life after studying. A graphic design degree can lead onto a career in graphic design, web design or animation.

Bachelor of Digital Media

Much like a graphic design degree, digital media is often a major offered as part of a media, IT, creative arts or communications degree but can also be a degree in it’s own right. CQU offer a Bachelor of Digital Media which is a 3 year full time or 6 years part time degree. It can be studied at 6 of their campuses or as a distance learning option. A degree in digital media, whatever the form, can offer a career path to being a multimedia developer, a SEO specialist or a graphic designer to name a few. This degree gives graduates lots of options.

Digital Media Jobs

VET in Professional Writing & Editing

Professional writing is not generally something that people know without being taught. If writing fiction, you may get by without any formal training but for most, particularly if writing non-fiction, learning to research or edit properly a qualification is necessary. A VET in professional writing will give you all you need to understand both fiction and non-fiction writing and how to manage a career as a freelance writer. The Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing from Bendigo TAFE is a great example of a course that can get you started in the field. It can be a 1 year full time or 2 year part time course but you need a strong portfolio to get into the course. A VET in professional writing can lead to a career as a writer, technical writer or editor.

Bachelor in Marketing

Whether it’s digital marketing, digital advertising or marketing & communication, this is a very popular degree area. It can lead you into a wide variety of industries and areas, including the digital media field. The University of Tasmania offers a Bachelor of Business with a major in marketing across several of its campuses and online completed over 3 years full time of up to 7 years part time. It also offers opportunities for corporate internships to give students real work experiences outside of the classroom. A degree in marketing can lead to a career as a digital marketing officer, digital producer or marketing manager and that’s just a few of the options.